Remembering Philippine!

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2019-11-18 09:33
November 18 is the feast day
of Rose Philippine Duchesne.

Let us discover the true essence of Philippine:
Let us accompany her in her searches,
Let us wait like her, to become patient,
Let adversity fuel our strength and energy as did she,
Let us listen to her doubts and disappointments
That come from honesty and the desire to be consistent.

Let us pray with her faith.
Let us live open to learn the will of God
and always put it into practice.

If we manage to make our own even one of her values,
Our life, like hers, will bear fruit, albeit hidden, but plentiful.

Teresa Gomá rscj
At the frontier of the New World:
Letters and documents of Philipppine Duchesne
by Xavier Baró i Queralt
BAC Publishing Company, 2014

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